Apple IOS - 14 is Out. Whats New? Check out this Blog

Apple IOS - 14 is Out. Whats New? Check out this Blog

Apple IOS 14 Update Detailed Information Out Here  👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hi everyone apple released ios 14 to the publicthat means it's available to all ios 13 supported devicesso if you ran any version of ios 13 you can install ios 14that means iphone 6s all the way up to the 11 pro maxand everything in between iphone se iphone 7you'll be able to install this and this is a pretty largeupdate so this came in at 4.79 gigabytes for me on my iphone 11 pro maxand so it will be around four gigabytes for you now it releases at the exactsame time around the world so if you're not seeingit just go to settings then go to general then go to softwareupdate and check for an update and if you'renot seeing it go into your automatic update settings and turn that off andthen check again you'll probably be able to see itnow you will need wi-fi to install it now other than ios 14apple also released ipad os 14 watch os 7 and tv os 14 also so it's available ona lot of different devices lots of new updates todayso let's go ahead and take a look at what's new now if you've alreadyinstalled ios 14 and you were coming from ios13 and you're not a developer or public beta tester you're good to gohowever if you're a developer or public beta tester and you want toget this same version well you already have it you just had it a day beforeso if you already have it and you just want to stay on the public releases fromhere on out just go to your settings go to generalscroll down to the bottom tap on profile tap on the ios 14 betasoftware profile remove the profile put in your passcodeand reboot once it's removed you're on the sameversion as everyone else so you'll be good to go and you'llhave all of these updates now there are so many updates with ios14 there's hundreds i'm going to cover all the major updates but there's alsoadditional updates to ipad with ipad os 14 whichi'll cover in a separate video so this one is a fairly long video or will beand so let's go over what's new and the first thing iswidgets this you might already see there's a big weather widgetthere's a music widget and there's a battery widget and there's moreas apps get updated from developers you'll see more and more of them but ifwe slide left to our widget panel and you can see there's a few of thempress and hold anywhere on the screen or scroll down and hit edittap the plus and you'll see a bunch of different widgetswe have top stories there's a smart stack that will rotate throughout theday based on what it thinks you want to seewe have maps and fitness tv news notes and then we also have some tipsstocks we also have photos reminders o'clock screen time and more so filesfitness and you've got a ton of others that you can add now there's differentsizes for each of these as well so for example if we go to the newswidget and we scroll over we have a bunch of different sizes afull screen size a smaller size and a very small sizeeach widget may have a slightly 

different size so whether for examplethere's a small medium and large and if you want to add that maybe we want toadd the small one hit add widget and now drag it off thewidget page and you can drag it to maybe anotherpage so it's a little bit buggy sometimes as youcan see there but we'll scroll over here and you canjust scroll with your finger like that if you want toso we'll set it here swipe up and it locks it in so it will be buggy fromtime to time hopefully it's not you can also drag them on top of oneanother so let's drag this one off here and maybewe'll drag it over the battery widget and now we can scrollthrough them so you can arrange these however you'dlike and as apps get updated you'll see more and more of theseyou can also press on a widget and then you can edit the widgetor edit the stack we'll edit this widget hereand you'll see you can update it with whatever you'd like so each widget isfully customizable but you cannot interact with it so that's one of thelimitations now apple has also updated this so youcan have sort of a blank screen and there's an all new what they callapp library and this arranges your apps automatically intosuggestions recently added and then different categories based on what typeof app they are for example you have utilities socialentertainment creativity productivity and finance other travelinformation and reading shopping and food education health andfitness and there may be more if i don't have themand what you can do is have apps that are newly installed 

automatically gointo that library or you can have them not have any pagesso if you press and hold anywhere on the screen you can tapon the little dots on the bottom and now you can arrange your pages differentlyyou can delete all these pages if you only want to seea few of them or you could delete them all if you only want to seeone page and then we'll lock it in one page and then the app library soit's up to you you can fully customize it nowand so you have that option so it's really nice and then maybe you want todelete an app off your screen and you don't wantit to show up anymore let's take mail for example maybe wewant to remove the app it will ask you do you want to move it to the applibrary so it doesn't delete it unless you tellit to delete it so they've made these changes tohelp you customize how you want your home screens and your apps arrangednow another new thing they've done is you can see i have google chrome herenow you don't have to use chrome but if you prefer to use a differentbrowser you can now set it as default now it's up to the appthe app maker or developer to actually add the feature therebut if we scroll down to our settings and then go to chrome settingsyou'll see we can change the default browser app so we can change it fromsafari to chrome and back now this will alsoinclude email and hopefully in the future itwill include maps as well so all of these things need to be updatedand you'll probably see those updates fairly soon but you can set default appsnow so maybe you open an email and you want to open your browserit won't default to safari if you don't want it to so you have that optionnow there's a new change to the phone app that i think a lot of people willappreciate so if i go and make a call to myselfwhen i receive a call you'll see that it pops in from from the top it no longertakes up the entire screen now you can change this back if you want i cananswer it hang up or just swipe it off the screen and itgoes away so it's a nice little change if you want the full screen app it'sunder your phone settings so you can go back to that as wellso it's nice that they've finally updated that for people that really wantthat huge the huge phone incoming call screen outof the way now there's a new update that i know a lot of people will appreciateand that is picture in picture now it doeshave to be supported by the app developerand they have to enable it but it's 

supported currently by the tv app so ifi play a movie like dunkirk when the movie is playing just swipe upand go back home and then you'll have your picture-in-picture window so youcan move it around i can resize it if i want it reallysmall and of course i can just exit it if i wantto do that as well so that's built in super nice it's part of theirnew compact design or compact ui with the phoneand siri as well so speaking of siri if i press and holdhow are you today and it says i'm fine thanks so i have myvolume turned off but you'll see siri looks different it's more compactand it also has expanded knowledge that brings 20 times more factsthan three years ago so not only that but it has a wider set of answersand audio messages can be sent with siri on ios and carplayso it has that as well as expanded language support so you could saytranslate something so let's do that tell me how to say hello in japaneseand it takes a moment and then it says konichiwa and it willplay it back if you want it to and explain it so let me turn it up here so if you want to learn how to saydifferent languages it will translate 10 different languages currentlyand it's done on the device for faster translation now in the control center ifi pull down you'll see that it says at the topsiri comma recently and there's a picture of the microphonethis is an improvement in privacy to let you know what was recently using yourmicrophone it will also show up if it's using yourcamera as well so based on what you're doing it just gives you a littlenotification as to what was used last and to let you know what's usingdifferent applications or different functions of your phone now withinmessages they've made some changes as well so let's go into messages and inmessages while i have a lot of this blurred outyou can see we have different circles at the top and these are pinned contactsyou can pin up to nine contacts so if i want to pin a contacthere press and hold on a conversation and down at the bottom you can hit pinand once you pin that person they show up and so it just is an easyway to access different people within a conversationand another thing they've updated is you can now have conversationswith family like you always could but you can also change the image for thatconversation so i have one here and at the top if i tap on the twopeople hit i for info at the top here it sayschange name and photo so i can change it tomaybe a smiley face hit done hit done and it's changed the overallgroup to a photo or an image of whatever wewould like so it's pretty simple and straightforwardbut it's a nice little update now within that group message you can actuallyreply to someone individually now so if i press and hold on thisconversation i can hit reply

 and now this is anindividual reply and now it replies only that personwithin the conversation nobody else it's a conversation betweenmyself and this person no one else if i go backout it's not shown by anyone else so it's prettysimple but it's nice that you have a reply and it even tells you there's onereply so it's a nice little update that they've done now within a conversationthere's new memoji as well so if you use memojimaybe we've got an emoji here we'll wait for it to loadthere's my memoji we'll go to the three dots and let's edit this memojiwe have a bunch of new configurations we have 11 new hairstyles and 19 newheadwear styles so maybe we go over to headwearyou've got a bunch of different hats all sorts of thingstons of different things including face coverings as wella couple different styles and also six added age optionsnew emoji stickers so if we go out here and maybe we want to go to our stickerswe'll wait for it to create those stickersthere's new memoji stickers for things like fist bump for exampleand more hug blush and so if you like to use memoji stickers younow have all those options now additionally there's an update withinmessages that allows you to actually search foremoji finally so if you go into your emoji you can nowsearch them so maybe you want to search fori don't know a lobster you can search for it and it will show upso it's a nice little update and they've additionally updated the keyboardquite a bit so there's on device dictation so once you usedictated voice so maybe we'll say apple it should be faster because it'srecognizing it on the device itself and then filling inthe letters it seems to be quicker in the time i've been using italso the keyboard will display autofill suggestions from contactsfor email addresses phone numbers and more and there's also new dictionariesfor french german indonesian english japanese simplified chinese and polishenglish there's also wubi input method forsimplified chinese auto correction support for irish orirish gaelic norwegian new york i think is how you say thatthere's also redesigned japanese kana keyboards with easierinput as well as male supporting email addresses usingnon-latin languages so a lot of updates to the to thekeyboard hopefully it's much better than it was before i know some peoplecomplain during the betas but it should be better overall nowsafari gets a major update as far as performance so it gets improvedperformance with even faster javascript rendering or engine and alsoit has a couple new 

features that are reallyhelpful so for example if we tap on the two a's in the upperleft we now have a privacy report for the website we're on so we can tap onprivacy report and it will tell us all the different websites we've visitedand tell us what was tracking what and where so if we go to trackers you cansee the trackers the websites and it says that itprevented different trackers from profiling me and82 percent of websites i went to had trackers so it's an interestingprivacy report that's built in now some of these privacy features withtracking and things may not go into full effect until nextyear but right now that's built in and you can see that italso will monitor passwords across different websitesto let you know if it's been compromised and i'll show you that in a momentbut before we go there there's translate built right into thissafari so it's really nice so maybe i go to a websitethat doesn't have the language that i actually speak in this case frenchso i know people say i pronounce this incorrectly but inthe united states it's pronounced peugeot and that's peugeotfr for france if i hit the two a's you'll see down in the bottom here itsays translate to english if i tap ontranslate to english it will automatically translate thewebsite into english now sometimes it takes a moment but ittranslates it to english and now i can actually readthe website so anything that was text is instantly translatedit does not work for all languages but currently it works for englishspanish simplified chinese french german russian or brazilian portuguese ifyou're in those areas you should have this ability soit's a really nice option to have built innow where i was mentioning the password tracking it keeps track if you're usingapple's keychain you go to your settings and then you go down to passwordsso if i go into passwords it will give me security recommendations of passwordsthat may or may not be compromised and it gives me the option to change thoseso it checks it against a database and says hey this is in a known compromisedatabase you may need to update your password now another new feature withios 14 that we'll see more in the future withis called app clips if you go to the ios 14 website you cansee app clips and what they are are snippets of different apps thatallow you to use functionality within that appwithout downloading that app so for examplemaybe you go to a store and you don't have the app for that specific store butthey have the app clip api on their devices itwill bring up maybe the payment for that store so you can payand then you can be on your way without installing the app altogether so it's areally nice thing that they've updated i haven'tseen it yet in real real use anywhere but hopefully we see this all over theplace now where i showed you that translatefeature in safari there's actually a brand new appcalled translate so let's go over to the iphone 11 hereand here is the new translate app and you'll see it says there's conversationmode on device mode and favorites and itallows you to to actually translate from differentlanguages so you'll see it says english i can pick from all these differentlanguages here there'll probably be more in the futureso there's available offline languages as wellbut let's translate from english to spanish andhi how are you today and it will say hola estas hoy soit will actually tell you what it is and it will play it as well so let me turnthe volume up and so i know i didn't pronounce thatproperly but what it allows you to do is have a conversation with someoneif you rotate to landscape so you can go back and forthso it will recognize what language you're speaking and then translate it tothe other language so if i say hola como estayou'll see it recognized it and went back over to english and now it sayshello how are you so it's a really handy feature you canuse it offline with certain 

applicators certain languagesand it's really impressive that it works so fast and on device so it doesn't needto go to servers to get a lot of this informationnow search has been updated as well to search multiple applications there'ssettings for this as well so maybe i'll just search appleand it will give me suggestions as i search so it's sayingthe apple store app maybe apps for apple watchit's talking about my different notes here looking through them foreverything announced in the ios 14 release datedeveloper watch and it's giving me suggestions and if you're on an ipad youcan just type a few letters hit enter and it will open that app as wellit works basically like spotlight on a mac so it's really nice to haveespecially on an ipad now within the home app they've updatedsome things as well such as automations so not only do you have adifferent layout with maybe your favorite scenes and favorite accessoriesand favorite cameras for example you also have automations where you cancreate automations within your home so it willgive you suggested automation so you did have some of this control beforebut it will suggest things such as when people arrive do a specific functionso when people arrive if anyone arrives or the first person arriveslocation and time then you can turn on lightsdo different things based off the actual home kit devices you have soit's really nice that it has all of this built in and so for example you can setup dynamic lighting for the most relevant accessories aswell as adaptive lighting that automatically adjusts based ontime of day and how you have your house setso maybe in the evening you want it to sort oftone out that blue color or the blue light you can do thatso activity zones are also there for video cameras and things like thatand it's all secure on the device and it doesn'tshare any of that information with anyone else it's encrypted end to end ifyou're using a camera for example and that camera does not cut into yourcost of icloud so if you have one of the top the higherend tiers of icloud and you have a camera like i do forexample it will not cut into the storage that you're already using thereit's end-to-end encrypted and no one else can see it unless you share it withthem now they've updated the weather app alittle bit and it will give you dynamic weather information and this may be partof them purchasing dark sky and you'll see herewith air quality they've rearranged the way it looks a little bitand this will change throughout the day so not only will the weather changethe widget will change based on the weather so you'll see on my iphone 11where i have the larger widget it's telling me the different time of day andwhat the weather will be like and then on the smaller one it's justgiving me the temperature and currently that it's partly cloudy soit just depends on what you're doing but it will change 

dynamicallythroughout the day the widget will even change the way it looks all togetherbased on whether there's rain or snow or anythingelse now a new function that actually wentlive the other day has to do with airpods pro and airpodsairpods will now switch dynamically between different devicesso if you have your air pods updated i have a video on that iput out the other day but if you update your air pods you can now have themdynamically switch between devices when you're using themso maybe i'm watching a movie on my ipad and then i want to listen to music ortake a call on my phone they'll switch all by themselvesautomatically and you don't have to do anythingso it's really nice and this is also coming to mac as wellthen they've also added spatial audio which allows fordynamic head tracking of movies that make it sound like it's coming rightfrom the device but also when you turn your head itknows that you've turned your head and you can hear out of the side of the earthat's close to the screen so if you turn your head to the rightand your left ear is close to the screen it will sound as though you'restanding in front of your display it's really interesting you have to try it ifyou have airpods pro it will work with apple tv as well asiphone and ipad and mac in the future with mac os big surit will also let you know if you need to charge your air pods as welland let you know when they're charged and that carries across the apple watchalso it lets you know when it's fully charged or needs to charge now there's afew different changes with privacy so privacy is a big one for me and manyother people and it will now dynamically let youchange how you're sharing say your approximate location or your actual withlocation with someone so if you go to your location servicesin your privacy settings and maybe we go to apple store you canhave it share your precise location or a general location of maybeyou live in a metro area like new york city and you only want to letit know that you're in that general area but not specifically in manhattanyou can do that or you can say let it know your precise locationit will also prompt you each time or while you're using the app you can allowit to use your location or never you can adjust this per appand every app so not only is it true for your location but it's true for yourphotos as well so if you want certain applications tobe able to use your photos say google photos for example you canallow it to just use selected photos or none at all so if youwanted to give selected photos you can go in and edit the photos you want toallow it to to use otherwise it can't use any othersso you can select just specific photos it's a really nicefeature and i'm glad they've added that and then you're going to see sign inwith apple in many more places which allows you to sign in securely withoutthem knowing your information that should be in many more placescoming soon now for those that have a disability or need a little bit morehelp there's some additional accessibilityfeatures that apple has added this year they have a really strong focus on thisand i think they're getting better year over year and so let's go intosettings and then we'll go down to accessibilityand under accessibility we have some new options so for exampleif we go to touch and then we scroll all the way to the bottomwe have a new feature called back tap we can turn back tap onand then we can select a function that will allow us to do a different functionon our phone by tapping the back of the phone so ifwe want to double tap the phone we'll do that and then maybe we want bydouble tapping the phone we can do i guess an accessibilityshortcut or maybe app switcher or control centeror home or whatever we'd like you can even set up a specific shortcutfrom your shortcuts app as well so for example i'll find flashlight onand then i'll go back and triple tap will go down to flashlight offso now if i double tap the back of the phoneit will run that function triple tap and it will run the function to turn offthe flashlight so it's a really nice function that they've added and it workswell and should be available to most devicesnow they've added additional features as well under accessibility so let's againscroll down within the accessibility menu and go to audio and visualand you'll see we now have headphone accommodations andwhat this allows for is to amplify soft sounds and adjust certain frequenciescustomized for an individual's hearing so if we tapon this and turn on headphone accommodation you'll see we can now tuneit for a balanced tone vocal range brightness we can change it for slightmoderate or strong and apply it with phone mediaor both or neither so we have a couple different options that should help therenow a function i can't really show you iswith facetime that has to do with accommodations so if you're someone thathas trouble hearing there's now facetime prominence forthose that are actually using sign language so facetime willdetect when you're using sign language when you're on a call for exampleso maybe you're using sign language it will recognize that you're using yourhands and then zoom in on those hands so youcan see them better so it's a nice little update that they're doingand it should help a lot of people that if you need sign language it will beavailable in facetime and it will zoom in you of course can turn that off ifyou don't like that now there's another feature underaccessibility under hearing called sound recognition so we'll go into soundrecognition i have it turned on we'll go to soundsand what it will do is listen for sounds andlet you know if it hears something so for example it hasalarms for fire siren and smoke it has cat and dog appliances car horn doorbelldoor knock water running and baby baby crying so now i'll play the sound of adoorbell and let's see if it works and you'll see it popped in instead ofsound has been recognized that maybe a doorbell and so it worked it's prettynice now another accessibility feature has todo with voiceover so if we turn voiceover on voiceover canrecognize a lot of different things on the displaynow so for example it uses on-device intelligence torecognize elements on your screen to improve the support overall soit will let you know everything from image descriptions to read completesentences in their descriptions of images andphotos that appear on the web so it also recognizes text as well solet's go to voice over recognition and you'll see image descriptions are onand screen recognition is on so let me turn the volume up so it's reading everything on thedisplay i can tap on safari for example so you'll see it will explain anything itap on maybe i'll tap on this iphone hereso let's just navigate around so you can hear what this sounds like animated apple event logo time for arecap introducing apple watch series 6 applewatch se apple fitness plus the new ipad and soyou can see how it can recognize all the different things on your display soscreen recognition will detect everything from interface controls toaid in navigating apps so it's really great of course you can changehow it plays back any of this information with text recognitionand the feedback style of playing a sound doing nothing or speaking it'sreally nice and i'm glad they've added this i think they'll continue to improveaccessibility over the future as well now there's a few updates to the appstore as well so if i go into the app storeand then you tap on your name in the upper right and then you can see it saysgame center at the top with your id and so it gives yourachievements your games your nickname on there friends recentlyplayed with friend suggestions you can add 

friendsachievements by game sign out and everything else or have nearby playersso it's just asking if you want to have different friends in here what they'replaying it's a nice little update to game centerthat we haven't seen in a long time now if you have apple arcade there'sdifferent suggestions within that with more information on different gamesrecommended games upcoming games and achievements and moreso they're really pushing apple arcade and that's going to go along with theirnew apple one subscription service in the future i think so it should bepretty interesting now also pretty soon we're going to seenew labels similar to nutrition labels on food butfor apps and their privacy so for example if we go intotemple run let's go into this one we scroll down it says what's new of courseand you have ratings and reviews and then we'll have more information aboutprivacy as well in the future a specific privacy policyand a little label that tells us exactly what's goingon with that app we should see more of this pretty soonif we're not seeing it already when the apps get updated now if you're familiarwith apple cache you're using wallet you can now have apple cashfamily that can be enabled for up to five family members under 18and so you can send money to your child through messages or sirithere's notifications for purchases and parental controls as well with sharedoversight so you can have a general view of your family as wellso that should be available and you can try that out if you want to now there'ssome updates to the camera as well as augmented reality as well so augmentedreality allows you to do different games using your cameraand there's better character recognition and face recognition that allows you tosee the differences between where your handmight be and objects behind it for example when you're using the camera soit just depends on what you're doing but it should be better for developersin the future now there's also in the camera improvedshot performance so when you take a picture it should be fasterthere's also quick take video that can be captured on the iphone10s and 10r and on older phones you can also change the resolutionof the different video within your video by just tapping in the upper leftthere's also updated night mode as well so if you're using night on yourdifferent device and you want to use night modeyou have that ability to have some more options hereand so if you want to capture a photo and it's dark it will sense that it'sdark so if we do this you'll see night mode automaticallyappeared and now we have some different options for it if i turn the lights backon it disappears so it gives you a moreeasily accessible option for night mode withsome more options there's also exposure compensation sohere we can change the exposure in ouroptions if we want so they've updated that and you can alsomirror the front camera to allow you to take selfies that match the front camerapreview and so if we go into our settings andthen we scroll down to camera you can see it says mirror frontcamera so we can see what it looks like exactly like we're seeing it or we canchange that if we don't like it so you'll see right nowit looks pretty accurate but if we want to turn that off we canand then there's also improved qr code scanning so all of those things havebeen updated now also there's updates to facetime as wellthat uses machine learning on iphone 10 and newer to actuallymake it look like you're looking at the camera even if you're notexactly looking at the camera it adjusts your eyes and faceof course again you can turn these off if you don't want them now withinfiles if you use the files app apfs encryption support now works on externaldrives so if you have an encrypted drive formatted in apfs on your iphone or ipadit will work with that so it's a nice little update that they havenow there's some new updates for health so let's go into the health appso within health here you can see that it looks a little bit different and wehave sleep for time in bed we have our stepsshow all health data and then it says highlights sothey've sort of rearranged the way this looks overall we also havewind down for for sleep so if we go into our sleepwe have a schedule of when to go to sleep when to wake upand we can adjust different data here get sleep appsand if we want to adjust our sleep we go to our clockand then we go to our alarm here you'll see there's sleep wakewe can change this and change our sleep schedule and everything elseand have it help us wind down during the dayso that we know when to go to bed if we're trying to get on a normal schedulewithin the health app there's also a new mobility category as well so if we gointo browse you'll see there's mobility so under mobility we have double supporttime step length walking speed walkingasymmetry the past seven days and our vo2 maxlevel and so it just records that if you'reusing an apple watch it helps of course give more accurate data so all of thatis included in this update now music has been updated you can seewe've reverted back to what looks like the ios 7icon if you hadn't noticed that already so we'll go into musicand there's now a listen now tab and

 we'll try againit had an error so we'll let it load there we goand it's a listen now with some suggestions such as made for youfavorite mixes and if you have apple music of coursethat helps another new feature i really like is that if we go into a song maybewe're playing a song and we tap these three little icons herefrom menu in the upper right we have an infinitysymbol this will continue to play music even after you finish this musicit will continue to play it and find similar music it will just keep it goingthroughout the day so maybe you set up some pop music or jazz or rockany of those it will continue to find similarly sounding musicand play it over and over and over until you stop it search is also updated toshowcase your favorite genres with different people and artistsshowing within those genres so it's based off what you actually listento and then the library also filters based on what you're doing as well suchas recently added and they've updated it a little bit sothe overall interface is slightly changed as well you may have alreadynoticed that and when you're playing music and you'vegot different options here it's just organized a little bitdifferently i think you'll find it i think better the more you use it infact it feels pretty natural most of the time when i'm using it and i don'treally think about it now notes get some updates as wellnothing huge but more convenient so if we go into notes you'll seea bunch of different notes for the videos i've been doing if i press andhold on one we've got some better quick actions for pin the note lock the noteshare the note send a copy and move or deleteand you'll see that it's just organized a little bit differentlyit looks a little different you can also pin a noteso if i want to pin it it will stay at the topjust like you can do that with messages now soa bunch of changed little things here and there alsoshape recognition enables drawing circles so maybe if we go in hereand let's draw a circle if we draw a circle and then holdit recognizes it's a circle let go and it keeps it a circlewe can do the same with a rectangle and it does the same so it's gotcharacter recognition it's pretty interestingand it works on ipad as well there's also betterbetter recognition when you're scanning a document for example so if you'rehaving problems before it should be betterwhen you're just scanning a document here you have the option tohave some better character recognition there now photos gets a few smallchanges so if we go into photos you can now filter and sort yourcollections a little bit more easily zoom in just like we could years agojust zoom right in no problem it's really reminds me ofwhat we had before there's also photo and video captionsupport live photos using ios 14 without autoplay memories have been updated so if i go to4u you'll see memories they look a little bit different they're betterfiltered more relevant and just in general youcan sort a little bit better there's not any huge changes here butthere are a few now if we go into the podcast app tap on podcastslisten now has been updated so listen now gives yousmarter recommendations and personal episode cues somaybe you're listening to the verge cast or gadget cast or any of thoseit will update them better and show you the latest episodesand it's just a little bit better organized than it used to be if you usethe podcast app now reminders gets a few updates as wellso if we go into reminders let's add a list we'll just say appleevent or i guess some event it should havesaid apple here let's try that again and we'll hit doneand we go into the apple event now we'll tap on the three dots for our menuand now we can share this list with someone else we can add someone to thelist a little bit better and assign reminders to people you sharelists with so maybe you share a list with four people you can assign areminder to one of those people new reminders canalso be created from those lists and also their smart suggestions as wellso you have my lists here you've got sirisuggestions we'll go into siri suggestions checkaround the date of and it's found in messages it says andthen also if i go into the list i just created theapple event again go to my options let's go to nameand appearance i can change the appearance of the iconas well so it's been updated quite a bit if youwant to change it you can do that just some nice little tweaks here andthere and then you can rearrange or hide your smart lists as well soit's a really nice way to use reminders i think it's getting better and betteryou'll see i can rearrange it here it's getting better and better and i'mfinding i'm using it more and more now there's some updates with shortcutsas well so if we go into the shortcuts appyou can see we have my shortcuts we have all shortcuts but we also havestarter shortcuts so now we can have some shortcuts that sort of give youbuilt-in tailor-made shortcuts based on series suggestions so if we go intostarter shortcuts and then we add one and you can seehere's a bunch of suggestions so maybe set lightbrightness and set office desk led to nine percent andthen we can change it again based off suggestionsso there's additional starter shortcuts as well as some newshortcuts that are recommended so we'll delete this onewe'll go to the gallery and you have a bunch of others as well so there'sa really well-designed way to access a bunch of shortcuts if you use this a lotyou can also have folders like you saw here so we have a folder we can addadditional photos of folders if we'd like and then alsothere's automation triggers that can run shortcuts based on say receiving anemail or the battery level or closing an appthey'll also wind down shortcuts as well so quite afew different things so if i go to my shortcuts hereselect a new one we have shazam it for example we can listen to musicand it will let us know just by pressing the shortcut of course we can ask sirito do the exact same thing now voice memos gets an update as wellnow within voice memos we have similar organization to what we get withreminders and shortcuts with different foldersso we can add a folder we also have favorites so in favorites you can seethat i have a favorite we'll tap on this tap three dots andyou'll see that we can unfavorite it or favorite it againand we can do that with each recording so it's a nice little updatethere's also smart folders that will automatically group them soif you have a lot of recordings it can group them bythings such as recent recordings or things recorded on your watch forexample and there's enhanced recording thatreduces background noise and room reverberation so if you'rerecording say within a classroom and there's a lot of noise it will betterpick up the teacher who's speaking so that you can actually listen to themlater on now aside from all of those things i've mentioned carplay gets anupdate as well with wallpaper options you can share your etayou have new categories of supported apps for parkingev charging quick food ordering and more as well as chinese and japanese keyboardsupport and horizontal status bar support for cars with portrait screensso a lot of updates for that and then speaking of in the car there'smap updates as well so if we go into maps you'll see i'vesearched for san francisco and if you're in a larger cityyou'll have guides and these will roll out across the worldslowly but i think we'll see them more and more and so the guides offerdifferent places you can go within those citiesso this one says san francisco restaurants with diy meal kitsyou can share it with a friend to meet them or save itand then get directions or fly over if i want to get directions i can getdirections and if i get directions from say the apple union squarestore to san francisco for example i now havebiking directions as well and it will tell me that it's mostly flatit will tell me if it has stairs or not it will tell me that within my turnturn by turn directions whether or not i have those stairs and it will show meexactly where to go so it's a nice little updatethe cycling maps also come to watch os 7 as wellwhich i'll cover in a separate video now we can route andin the future we'll have electric vehicle routing as wellso i haven't seen this yet but hopefully we'll see that soonso you've got all your normal details like you would normally in apple mapsbut also it will tell you congestion zones to help you route around thingsthat are such as active zones in cities such aslondon or paris and it will notify you of speed camerasin certain cities if you have those also it helps you refine your locationand give you more specific orientation based on which way you're pointingand it just seems to be more and more accurate the more i use it with ios they've updated maps quite a bit sothere are a ton of changes all throughout the osand performance wise with older devices i really wouldn't be concernedeverything from the iphone 6s plus the iphone 7iphone se all seem to perform really well everything from scrollingto snapping a photo there's no issues andalso there are a few new wallpapers as well so if you go into wallpapers youcan see there's a few new ones here nothing major they've been there withthe beta all along so you've got basically six new onesthat go along with ios 14 and there are just tons and tonsof other small changes throughout so that's it for ios 14 and if you'reconsidering whether or not you should install it well i would highly recommendit because if you have an older device such as an iphone 6s or 6splus you can expect better performance and things like the cameraand just in general stability should be improved overallios 13 wasn't great that way so it should be much betternow in the future of course there will be additional updates as well so expectmaybe ios 14.0.1 or ios 14.1 before iphone 12 launches sometime maybenext month so we should see some updates coming soonnow .

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