samsung galaxy watch 3/samsung galaxy watch active 3 release date

samsung galaxy watch 3/samsung galaxy watch active 3 release date

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3/Samsung Galaxy Watch active 3 release date

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will be revealedon August 5 at the Galaxy unpacked event alongside the Galaxy Note 20 lineup but in the meantime,in an exclusive leak, we have a detailed hands-on video of the Galaxy Watch 3 that pretty muchreveals everything. A huge shoutout to my source for these videos,I really do appreciate it a lot. That said there will be two versions of theGalaxy Watch 3, a 41mm and a 45mm variant and the one we have right now is the smallervariant. Just like the 2018 Galaxy Watch, the GalaxyWatch 3 appears more like a regular watch than a smartwatch. As you can see, the watch has a physical rotatingbezel, just like its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch. However, the bezel is thinner compared tothe original watch, Samsung has been able to cram in bigger screens in relatively smallercases. After looking at the Galaxy Watch Active 2,a lot of people thought Samsung has gotten rid of the physical rotating bezels for goodbut good to know that isn't the case. Anyway, It also has two physical buttons onthe right side, similar to earlier Galaxy smartwatches, but there’s a change in theirshapes. Also, it confirms Samsung is skipping thewatch 2 branding in favor of the Watch 3. As for why Samsung did it, it’s possiblya marketing decision because of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Since the Galaxy Watch 3 is a newer, better,and a more advanced watch, Samsung doesn’t want people to perceive it as an inferiorproduct to the Watch Active 2. Hence they skipped the watch 2 moniker. Anyway, the screen size is 1.2", the biggerone has a screen size of 1.4". Both versions will be IP68 rated and willcome with 1GB RAM and 8GB onboard storage. The back of the smartwatch reveals its 41mmsize and confirms specs like 5ATM water resistance. This means that the watch is water resistantto up to 50 meters in depth for 10 minutes, The watch 3 also has Gorilla Glass DX protection,stainless steel frame, MIL-STD-810G certification, and built-in GPS. You can also see how it compares to the similar-sizedGalaxy Watch Active 2 and the bigger 45mm original Galaxy Watch. Other features include a blood pressure sensor,a heart-rate sensor, ECG measurement, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. Samsung will let you customize the watch faceson the Watch 3 just like they do on all of their smartwatches. Samsung mobile's CEO confirmed that they willlaunch as many as 5 devices at the unpacked event. Those are the Galaxy Watch 3, the Galaxy ZFold 2, the Galaxy Buds live, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, and of course the main event,the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. The event will be held virtually to practicesocial distancing norms amid the pandemic. Of course with that being said,

From th e past few days, we have seen multiplerenders showing how the watch would look like in different colors and how the design willbe. but now, a whole host of software informationabout the upcoming smartwatch has been leaked online. According to Max Weinbach, who got his handson the Galaxy Watch 3 firmware, shared on twitter the new watch faces offered by Samsungon the smartwatch. Take a look at theseIn addition to these watch faces The company will reportedly offer improved customizabilityof watch faces through a new feature called ‘Informative Digital Edge.’ This lets users add information such as date,day, heart rate, steps, weather, and more towards the edges of a watch face. The new version of Tizen will also bring newfeatures such as the weather app that shows matching backgrounds to display weather conditions. also, there is a weekly view inside the Calendarapp and The Samsung Health Monitor could come pre-installed on the smartwatch in South Korea. A few other software features include richernotification icons, built-in Outlook, and Spotify apps, But what it reportedly lacksis the MST chip,it solely relies on NFC for mobile payments. There will be Wi-Fi-only and LTE variantsof the Galaxy Watch 3, and they both feature a loudspeakerand Qi wireless charging. As for the launch date -it's expected to bereleased on 22nd of July As for the rest of the specsThe Galaxy Watch 3 will come in two sizes (41mm and 45mm), two case options (stainlesssteel and titanium), and three colors (black, bronze, and silver). The 41mm version of the smartwatch will havea 1.2-inch screen, while the 45mm version will sport a 1.4-inch display. The smartwatch will have a circular SuperAMOLED screen with Gorilla Glass DX protection, two physical buttons on the right side, andstandard-sized replaceable watch straps. The upcoming smartwatches succeed the GalaxyWatch and feature a rotating bezel and an IP68 certification with 5 ATM water resistance. It will be equipped with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage,Bluetooth, Wi-Fi . The Galaxy Watch 3 will also feature GPS,heart-rate monitor, blood pressure monitoring, ECG, and sleep tracking. The 41mm version will be powered by a 247mAhbattery, while the 45mm version will have a 340mAh battery.

So Samsung's Galaxy Watch lineup is regarded as the best smartwatches for Android users. Last year Samsung released two fitness-orientedwearables, the Galaxy Watch Active and Watch Active2, but the company's only option thatlooks like a traditional timepiece is the original Galaxy Watch from two years ago. Thankfully, it looks like the new upgradesare finally on the way with a great feature from the original galaxy watch. Can you guess which feature I am talking about.? Well, it's the physical rotating bezel. Last years Galaxy Watch Active and Watch Active2opted for a virtual replacement, which, while it works, is not half as satisfying, due tothe need to track the edge of the bezel yourself, but nothing beats the feel and convenienceof an actual bezel ring, and it’s good to hear it’s still going to be a part of Samsung’ssmartwatch lineup. Now This information comes from the FCC certification. We also have other details about this watchbut the fact they’ve passed through the FCC hints that a launch could be imminent. If not, our bet would be at the Note 20 launchin August. it also reveals what the next iteration ofGalaxy Watch may look like. According to Sammobile, as many as four variantsof Galaxy Watch have been listed on the FCC website. The first two variants come with LTE connectivityand sport 45mm and 41mm sizes carrying the model numbers SM-R845 and SM-R855. The other two variants are Wi-Fi variantsand sport 45mm and 41mm size with model no SM-R840 and SM-R850. Those numbers line up with the previous GalaxyWatch releases, specifically the non-Active models. also, Samsung will also release its new watchin titanium, a variant that’s probably going to be costlier than the aluminum and stainlesssteel models. The watch will also offer Gorilla Glass DX,5ATM water resistance, MIL-STD-810G durability, support for GPS, and also LTE as mentionedabove. we have also heard the devices will feature8GB storage and a larger 330 mAh battery. but there is no conclusive evidence aboutthat also Samsung announced it has received a clearancefrom South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to roll out Electrocardiogram(ECG) monitoring feature to Galaxy Watch Active 2. So it is likely that we get to see this functionalityin its upcoming smartwatches as well. SO that's about the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.more on this will be coming soon. so subscribethankyou for watching Catch you guys in the next onePeace out.

features of the galaxy watch I do fall so have a giveawaycoming soon I think I'm gonna start the giveaway when I hit 500 subscribers somake sure you're subscribed so you don't miss the giveaway I'll be giving away abrand new msi monitor which I reviewed recently I'll put a link up in the topright corner now but anyway let's get into the video let me know what youthink off your watch faces down below and if you like this style of video okso first up on the list is my favorite this is the sporty classic now what Ireally love about this watch is that it looks really realistic and really smallit's very subtle for work environments but you can have all the benefits of asmart watch still on display without it looking too obvious as you can see therethere are three tracking modules on the watch face so at the moment I've gotheart rate battery life and then a floors counter so it tracks how manyFalls you climbed basically during a day in addition to this around the edgethere you can see that I have got my steps counter as well so really a lot ofinformation on one watch face without it looking too overcrowded now if you pressand hold on the watch face you can actually customize some of the colorsand also the tracking modules which is why it is one of my favorites I'mpersonally not too keen on the other colors but it really might appeal tosome others all in all a great watch face if you're wanting to find thiswatch face it should come pre-installed on your Smart Watch it might not lookquite like this but you might have to do a little bit of customizing but it'scalled the sporty classic I think this sporty classic looks great with theblack 42 millimeter color I'm not sure how it's going to look with the 46millimeter silver but I'm sure you'll find something that works so next up isthe mess of Blueface now again this is another freeone which you can get from the galaxy watch store and it definitely anotherone of my favorites I do actually have this one on every now and then the firstthing I love about this is the dark mode the battery saving mode so a lot ofwatch faces have two different merge ones when you're looking at it it willbring up all colors and if you have the always-on display option ticked it willsort of darken everything down and I like that it still looks really smartand functional now again it's got a very classic look about it you get a niceshimmer effect when you rotate your wrist around it's quite a basic watchface in terms of tracking and stuff like that but some people are definitelygoing to be wanting something like this especially for work environments like Isaid earlier when I got these at the time like I said these were free so goand grab them at the Galaxy store if you like the look at them now the beauty ofthis watch face is that there are a few different versions I've also got thegreen one which I'm showing off and there is also a red one I believe nextone is the cripton now this one's a little bit of a different watch comparedto the others but I still think it looks quite smart it has quite a lot going onbut I really like the orange colors on it it goes really really well with theblack watch so if you've got the 42 millimeter this might be the one for youI don't know how it's going to look on a 46 millimeter with the silver but if youhave one of them and you have this watch face do you let me know in the commentswhat you think but yeah I really like this watch face and I think the ambientmode still looks really smart as well very minimal next up is the young yellownow this one might be a bit much for some people but I personally really likeit again it goes really really well with the black 42 millimeter watch and I'mpretty sure it would go really nicely with the yellow now this is quite a busywatch but the tracking in it is quite subtle so you can see you've got yourheart rate monitor there your battery life and then your steps at the

bottominterestingly it's also got an analogue and a digital display there all in allquite a different watch face anything I'm not too keen on isambient mode when it goes dark I'm not too sure if I like it I do like thecolors but I think the middle dial looks a little bit fake there could have maybeput a little bit more effort into it but still a watch face that I would wear andput on every now and then now lastly we have the classic a really really simplewatch face but again it looks quite realistic very minimal and certainlysuitable for work environments you get the option of one tracking module downat the bottom there and if you press and hold on the screen you can thencustomize the colors of the watch
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