Oneplus Nord - (Oneplus Z) Specifications, Price , oneplus z launch date

Oneplus Nord - (Oneplus Z) Specifications, Price , oneplus z launch date

Oneplus Nord - (Oneplus Z)

OnePlus is a relatively young company comparedto a number of other mobile tech giants in the market, but this China-based company managedto rise extremely fast thanks to releasing extremely compelling flagship-grade smartphonesat affordable price tags.

The company has been using the "Never Settle"motto from the start. It has managed to sell quite a few devicesto date, and establish itself as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the market. The first OnePlus phone — the OnePlus One— cost a mere $300 back in 2014, and it was a bargain compared to the $650 price tagof the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other competitors. But As smartphone prices rise, so have thecost of OnePlus phones. The recent OnePlus 8 Pro starts at $900 forthe 8GB RAM variant and a massive $1000 for the 12GB variant. So many believe that OnePlus is no longera flagship killer smartphone maker, but a flagship maker company.

But the CEO of OnePlus recently said thatthe company will shift its strategy to go back to making cheap smartphones. Obviously, OnePlus didn’t mention anythingby name, but we know that he was talking about the OnePlus Nord aka the OnePlus Z. The handset has been leaked several timesat this point and it's expected to launch sometime in July with a much more affordablepackage. Speaking of the affordable package, Up untilnow we didn't know how OnePlus is going to price this handset but a recent tweet by OnePlusand it's co-founder suggest that they are pricing it surprisingly low. Carl Pie as well as the official OnePlus Twitteraccount has shared a new tweet with a link to an older tweet by OnePlus from 2014 whenthe company launched their first phone, the OnePlus One which was launched at $299 forthe base variant and $350 for the highest variant.

This lead to many big publications to believethat the OnePlus Nord could be priced at $299 as well. This makes sense considering OnePlus did arecent survey where it was asking it's users if they are willing to spend about 25000 INRfor these specifications. If you don't know already these are the exactspecifications the OnePlus Nord is expected to come with, that includes the Snapdragon765G, 90Hz of screen refresh rate, 30W of fast warp charging, 4300mAh battery, a 6.5"FHD+ super AMOLED display, a triple camera system, in-display fingerprint scanner and6GB RAM that goes all the way up to 12GB. If you convert 25000 INR in the US dollars,that's about $325. So speculating it could cost $299 based onthis tweet, makes total sense. Google's upcoming Pixel 4a is also expectedto start at $299 which will be powered by the Snapdragon 730 processor. So on paper at least, the OnePlus Nord looksmore appealing than the Pixel 4a or any other mid-rangers around. At a time like this, the world doesn’t needmore expensive phones, but more affordable options, OnePlus should stand out in a seaof phones not just with cutting edge features, but with the price too and thankfully theOnePlus Nord is stepping in at the perfect time. OnePlus is expected to launch this handseton July 10th in India but it's being reported that the release in markets like the US, andEurope will happen at a later date. Of course with that being said, please considersubscribing for all the latest updates on this handset and as always

 the oneplus z that you're waiting for or if it's another phone all to   get there first of all though it will cover the specs that we've seen in a   recent leak a survey was posted to slash leagues for a oneplus phone which is of   course suspected to be the oneplus z or there was much speculation before   this survey does seem to confirm what what we may be getting it confirms a 5g   enabled smartphone using the snapdragon 765 cpu we also have confirmation of a   90 hurt screen a 4300 milliamp hour battery with 30 watt fast charging   and finally a triple camera setup the survey shows us we'll be getting a 64   megapixel primary sensor along with a 16 and a 2 previously it was suspected   that it could be a 48 megapixel primary camera but this new survey says 64 and

 this could mean we get the 64 megapixel Sony imx6 86 that was rumored so early   on we also have confirmation of the 16 megapixel ultra wide and the 2 megapixel   depth sensor there's unfortunately no way to authenticate this information   though and it does disagree with some other leaks so we'll have to wait and   see if this is true or not we did also get another spec leak that was   uploaded for the oneplus z and it does contradict the ones we just looked at   it was however swiftly deleted by the uploader so it means that this probably   is fake or it was a mistake we also have news that the oneplus z is going   to be coming in blue black and white we also get a special limited edition color   but we haven't seen what it is yet most interestingly though we've also had news   that the oneplus z may not be called at the oneplus z it's been a bit of a   roller coaster of named for this phone as we originally thought it was going to,

 be called at the oneplus 8 lite we were then told at the oneplus z and now a new   leak is pointing to the name of the oneplus Nord the news comes from Max   J who's tweeted let's play a game with the letter n followed by three spaces   he is of course hinting at a new oneplus name and many are suspecting the oneplus   Nord we've also got another hands-on photo of the oneplus z it's surfaced   online and again we cannot verify its authenticity but it does look to be   true and exactly what we're expecting. oneplus scheduled an online launch event   for the 2nd of July to launch some of their budget TVs and many assumed   that the oneplus z it would also launch alongside new information from Android   central disagrees though we're being told that the oneplus z is going to   have its own launch event it will of course be online only and it's gonna   be on the 10th of July when it comes to the upcoming smartphone though we've   already got all of the details of the oneplus z including design specs launch   date and cost so we'll run through all of it now as we covered that the   oneplus z has a full screen display with a punch hole selfie camera top   center the display is reportedly gonna be a six point four inch Super AMOLED   display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 which gives us 403 pixels per inch we   already know that this is also gonna be at least a 90 Hertz display considering   oneplus officially said that all future models would be there are rumors saying   that it could be a hundred and twenty Hertz but these appear to be untrue

 the   display will of course be protected by Gorilla Glass but at this moment in time   we don't know what version there's gonna be no fingerprint scanner on the rear of   the oneplus z so it's pretty safe to assume err that we're gonna get the   in display fingerprint scanner when it comes to the selfie camera on the front   there are many different rumors floating around but many agree that it's gonna be   a 12 megapixel sensor when it comes to the rear of the oneplus z we've   got a vertical camera alignment and a dual camera setup with the LED flash   early leaks were suggesting that it could be a triple camera setup but   these also turned out to be false as we covered earlier the lack of a physical   fingerprint scanner on the back means we'll be getting an in display one when   it comes to the rear cameras reports are suggesting that the primary camera   is going to be a 48 megapixel sensor the secondary will be a 16 megapixel ultra   wide and of course we get the LED flash on the bottom the oneplus these cameras   are going to support both optical and electronic image stabilisation we've   got the power button an alert slider on the right-hand side of the oneplus   z with the volume buttons on the left the phone is of course powered by USB   type-c and there's no three and a half mil headphone jack many people early on   reported that the oneplus z was going to be powered up by media text I meant   to t1000 but it's just not going to be the case the oneplus z is gonna

 be powered by the Snapdragon 765 G and the smartphone is gonna come up   with a choice of 128 or 256 storage and also 8 or 12 gigs of ram the use of the   Snapdragon 765 G also means that this phone will have 5g support and for those   that aren't concerned with 5g it will of course support earlier LTE networks and   below the phone dimensions measuring at 159 point two by seventy four by   eight point six millimeters and it's all going to be powered by a four thousand   milliamp hour battery with support for 30 watt fast charging when it comes to   the pricing it's still very much unknown at the moment but it will of course have   to be lower than the eight many were estimating that the range was going   to start around four hundred and fifty dollars but I think it could actually   be lower the four hundred and fifty dollar leak came out very early on and   the market has changed a lot since that time with the iPhone se at four hundred   in the pixel for a expected to be 350 it is creating some very fist competition   in the mid-range market so.

 if oneplus want to compete here then they're gonna   have to do the same overall though it's looking like a great phone that's   offering a lot for the price and it's nice to see oneplus going back to what   they know best for those of you that want to purchase one though it's being   launched next month in July we don't know exactly what date yet but max   J has hinted at July and he has been fairly reliable when it comes to the   oneplus information now unfortunately that's all the news I have for you guys   today but as more solid information comes in I'll be sharing it straight   away as always though I'd like to know your thoughts in the comments who out   there is waiting for the oneplus see if not then what phone are you waiting for   and do you think it's gonna be called at the oneplus z or the oneplus Nord   but thanks for watching the video if you like to smash a thumbs up if   you didn't hit the thumbs down twice and I'll see you guys in the next one 

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