Asus Rog Phone 3, Killer for Gamers , Pub G tests , The spec King Returns, Specs and the insight of the phone

Asus Rog Phone 3, Killer for Gamers , Pub G tests , The spec King Returns, Specs and the insight of the phone

Asus Rog Phone 3, Killer for Gamers , Pub G tests , The spec King Returns

one of the only phones where i actually got more and more excited the longer I spent with it ROG has been the number one gaming brand and around the world it's probably the world's most powerful smartphone ladies and gentlemen meet the ROG Phone II and just want a high performance phone that is really solid overall I think this fits the ticket this year] Welcome gamers I have been expecting you [] hello and welcome thank you for joining me virtually to witness the latest pioneering achievement in mobile gaming the Republic of Gamers has pushed the limits with every innovation and ROG Phone builds on that legacy with each generation at launch ROG Phone II was the world's most beautiful and powerful gaming phone a true victory it's been acclaimed by international media influencers and gamers alike with each generation we are getting bolder faster and stronger and this next generation of ROG Phone marks an evolution of the gaming smartphone ladies and gentlemen meet the ROG Phone 3 [Music] ROG loves gaming and ROG Phone 3 

is the ultimate game changer we used our know-how and user feedback to create the most visionary generation yet ROG Phone 3 delivers absolute power enhanced audio better controls and fosters our gamer community it also delivers unimaginable gaming experiences and empowers gamers to tailor these experiences as they wish ROG Phone 3 features the world's fastest Qualcomm  Snapdragon 865 plus 5G mobile platform delivering up to 3.1 GHz of pure power and with 5G connectivity ROG Phone 3 is undeniably the world's most powerful and capable gaming smartphone ever to show you just how powerful the latest Snapdragon processor is I would like to welcome Cristiano Amon president of Qualcomm  and our longtime partner who joins us today via the web hello SY hello everyone this is Cristiano Amon president of Qualcomm  I want to congratulate the amazing team ROG on today's exciting launch of the ROG Phone 3 series I also want to applaud your perseverance during this extraordinary times we've been working closely with ROG for several years and we're honored to have been part of every single ROG Phone at launched it is a testament of the strong

relationship that the ROG Phone 3 series are among the first smartphones announced using our Qualcomm  snapdragon 865 plus mobile platform this evolution of a premium tier processor provides 10 percent improvement in GPU and CPU performance over the already impressive snapdragon 865 for incredibly fast experiences it also delivers multi-gigabit download speeds with superior coverage for truly global 5G ultra intuitive ai cutting edge multimedia gigapixel camera experiences and of course world-class 5G gaming experience the ROG Phone 3 utilize our full suite of snapdragon elite gaming features for ultra realistic graphics smooth gameplay and ultra fast load in response times with 5G acceleration and gamers need peak performance at the highest possible visual quality snapdragon 865 plus delivers me personally I can't wait to upgrade my ROG 2 to the ROG 3.

 and congratulations again to the entire team at ROG and thank you for being such a fantastic partner thank you Crisano and Qualcomm for this incredible partnership snapdragon 865 plus unleashes maximum power and performance for mobile gamers this game changing platform enhances performance with 10 percent faster graphics rendering and higher CPU performance than the previous generation snapdragon ROG Phone 3 outshines the competition the exceptional processor and graphics performance makes it the world's number one gaming phone ROG Phone 3 also features an evolved GameCool 3 cooling system for the powerful snapdragon 865 plus and 5G chip part of the back cover is transparent so large heatsink is visible the heatsink is perfectly positioned to cover the CPU and 5G chip also the redesigned 3D vapor chamber and graphite film dispel heat for maximum cooling

 the cooling system delivers non-stop ultra smooth performance for the ultimate mobile gaming experience the brand-new AeroActive Cooler 3 clip-on external fan keeps ROG Phone 3 cool to boost performance during intense gaming sessions it also has an audio jack and kickstand design to create immersive viewing experiences when the phone is placed on the flat surfaces ROG Phone 3 features cutting-edge smartphone display technology this can be seen in its stunning 144Hz AMOLED display the visual quality of the display takes gaming experiences to the next level the 270 Hz touch-sampling rate delivers incredibly low touch latency and high responsiveness and with the Delta E value of less than one the display has industry-leading color accuracy and delivers a superb visuals for a more comfortable viewing experience it also has a Low Blue Light and the Flicker Reduced certification from TUV Rheinland with this display ROG Phone 3 enables games that support 144Hz so gamers can enjoy the most insane battles with ultra-smooth graphics to ensure the ultimate performance ROG Phone 3 includes X Mode performance tuning software X Mode is designed to unleash the full power of ROG Phone 3 streamlining its performance like a supercar we are committed to creating the most powerful gaming phones and X Mode lets gamers take full advantage of the cutting-edge hardware in ROG Phone 3. we have expanded the capabilities of X Mode to deliver enhanced game visuals fast network performance and easy controls on top of the high CPU and GPU performance gamers can easily boost overall 

performance and customize settings for different games the performance of ROG Phone 3 gives gamers the edge in any game ROG Phone 3 also includes optimal settings profiles for many popular games the profiles will be updated for new versions of games providing gamers with constantly incredible gaming experiences the advanced GameCool 3 cooling system ensures that the Qualcomm processor and graphics chip deliver exceptional performance all the time with these components ROG Phone 3 can sustain peak performance longer than any other current flagship smartphones with the incredibly stable ROG Phone 3 gamers can enjoy consistently high performance even during marathon gaming sessions the remarkable 144Hz refresh rate outperforms every top competitor and with 25 millisecond touch latency ROG Phone 3 takes gaming experiences to the next level touch latency is also vital for gamers when playing first person shooter games with quicker reaction times than competitors ROG Phone 3 give gamers the winning advantage low touch latency is critical to ensure responsive scrolling and sliding movements and ROG Phone 3

 delivers the lowest latency of any competitor the monster 6000 mAh battery provides incredible battery life and the 30 watt ROG HyperCharge power adapter delivers safe and ultrafast direct charging ROG Phone 3 also significantly increases battery lifespan with new power saving technology such as customizable charging profiles long battery life is critical for enjoying non-stop gaming marathons and ROG Phone 3 is the battery champion of 2020 this year we have expanded the audio features and created the exclusive Game Mode for ROG Phone 3. today's mobile gamers demand the best audio possible volume clarity imaging and frequency response rate are all the key factors in delivering high quality sound the GameFX audio system delivers powerful and immersive gaming audio with its dual front-facing stereo speakers this system was tuned in cooperation with the renowned audio specialists Dirac crosstalk cancellation technology improves sound imaging which allows gamers to pinpoint where a sound is coming from this technology gives gamers the edge when navigating different in-game environments ROG Phone 3 is built for gamers with new and exciting features that take gaming experiences to the next level in landscape orientation leveled up AirTrigger 3 controls and the groundbreaking

new HyperFusion technology give gamers total control and exhilarating performance in addition to extra-precise ultrasonic touch sensors AIrTrigger 3 technology introduces the motion sensor an innovative new way to interact with ROG Phone 3. with total of 6 supported gestures users can customize their own actions for different games ROG Phone 3 has once again achieved the impossible with AirTrigger 3 technology the motion sensor allows gamers to control in-game action with simple gestures with its quick response time this intuitive new control method gives gamers the competitive edge in addition to precise user-friendly controls HyperFusion technology enables simultaneous connections to Wi-Fi and mobile networks it redirects to a stronger signal and boosts connection speeds by combining connections delivering the fast and stable network connections gamers need ROG Phone 3 is a true masterpiece even the external design of ROG Phone 3 was developed with laser focus on details we specifically designed the side port to keep cables out of the way of gameplay making it convenient to charge even when gaming of live-streaming a quad-mic system filters out background noise for crystal-clear voice communications in multiplayer gaming ROG Phone 3 also features Aura RGB lighting. The glowing ROG logo on the back supports a variety of colors and the lighting schemes so gamers can play in style ROG Phone 3 also offers an incredible camera system the triple camera system on ROG Phone 3 is designed to produce superb photos in any setting it features a

 flagship Sony IMX 686 64 megapixel wide-angle main camera an ultrawide 13 megapixel second camera and a macro camera a built-in microphone on the back cover removes background noise and delivers flawless voice quality in videos phones connect people and ROG Phone 3 takes this one step further by fostering a sense of community among gamers we created the community platform ROG Connect as part of ROG Armory Crate it's a one-stop game hub for staying connected with other gamers our vision is to create an exclusive mobile gaming ecosystem for ROG Phone users with ROG connect it's never been easier for gamers to stay connected with their squad or wow followers with videos of their greatest gameplay moments the unrivaled range of accessories for ROG Phone 3 will level-up any mobile gaming experience 

one of these accessories is the ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad with the superb grip and modular design it offers a variety of gaming modes so gamers can battle anywhere handheld mode brings the tactile feel and the precision of console gaming to ROG Phone 3 simply by attaching Kunai 3 to the bumpers in the mobility and all-in-one modes gamers can place ROG Phone 3 on a flat surface and enjoy a console-like experience with the best viewing angle combined with AeroActive Cooler 3 for enhanced thermal control ROG Phone 3 delivers even more powerful gaming performance the upgraded TwinView Dock 3 enables immersive dual-screen gameplay with a 144Hz refresh rate to match with the ROG Phone 3. paired with Kunai 3 it enables the ultimate mobile gaming experience the new ROG Clip connects ROG Phone 3 to a controller such as the Xbox Wireless Controller or Stadia controller ROG Phone 3 accessories also include cutting-edge cases and headphones that are designed for customized self expression the new Lighting Armor Case protects ROG Phone 3 with an ROG-themed cover and features Aura lighting The Neo Aero Case also protects ROG Phone 3 and does it in style with a striking neon orange finish gamers can express themselves with one of these cases on their ROG Phone 3. they are also top-quality ROG audio accessories that perfectly complement ROG Phone 3. ROG Cetera RGB gaming headphones with ASUS Essence drivers enhance gaming audio on ROG Phone 3 and feature customizable RGB lighting and Active Noise Cancellation technology lets gamers fully immerse in gaming without distractions to enjoy gaming experiences on a larger screen simply connect ROG Phone 3 with the ROG Strix XG16 monitor this 15.6 inch monitor supports 144Hz via single USB type-c cable so it's easy to just plug in and start playing it also features a Micro HDMI port for extra connectivity ROG Strix XG16 was designed for users to game anytime anywhere the innovative kickstand allows for use on the go and the adjustable tripod stand lets gamers dial in the perfect viewing position Strix XG16 was designed with meticulous attention to detail the kickstand can be easily opened and stably placed on a smooth surface it allows for orientation and angle to be adjusted for ideal viewing setup the mesh design with cybertext patterning underneath the kickstand also adds to the futuristic style of Strix XG16 the battery power capacity in ROG Strix XG16 makes it highly portable and ensures that the gaming continues even while on the go for transforming ROG Phone 3

 into a full-fledged desktop gaming rig there's the Mobile Desktop Dock it allows ROG Phone 3 to connect with the display USB mouse keyboard and other gear with a connection to these peripherals a gaming rig also needs a superior keyboard now let me introduce one of our top gaming keyboards ROG Falchion the ROG Falchion keyboard was built for gamers by listening to their gaming experiences and feedback the space-saving layout of the ROG Falchion masterfully condenses arrow and  navigation keys into 65 percent the size of a standard keyboard this gives gamers more space for moving their gaming mouse ROG Falchion is designed with a built-in interactive touch panel for an intuitive experience the touch panel can adjust volume play and pause music display the keyboard's battery status and zoom the screen in and out it can also be programmed as a macro key the touch panel provides greater control for both daily use and gaming the transparent keyboard cover of ROG Falchion provides superb protection and portability gamers can use the cover as a protective case for the keys or place it under the keyboard like a tray to modify

 the display of RGB lighting the ROG Falchion ers with 2.4 GHz connectivity with near zero latency and up to 400 hours of battery life it delivers the stability and stamina gamers need for the ultimate gaming experience it also offers wireless Aura sync RGB lighting so users can shine in their own way with the innovative design and incredible features ROG Falchion grants gamers the power to rise above the crowd this year ROG Phone 3 is proudly partnering with Stadia and Unity to establish a truly integrated gaming ecosystem together we aim to build a more complete mobile gaming experience for today's gamers by providing their favorite gaming content on the go ROG Phone 3 redefines mobile gaming experiences let's look at everything that makes it a truly incredible gaming smartphone [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] as you have seen today ROG Phone 3 is packed with the best hardware and software for the best mobile gaming experience ever and here is the moment everyone has been waiting for ROG Phone 3 with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB ROM will be available for a1,099 and the ROG Phone 3 with 12 GB RAM  and 512 GB ROM will be available for a999 and we have one more surprise for you ROG Phone 3 Strix Edition with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB ROM will be available for a799  i hope you are as excited as i am to start gaming on ROG Phone 3 thank you everyone for joining me today stay tuned for more incredible innovations from us as we continue to aim higher thank you go gamers keep creating your own destiny get ready for the ultimate showdown in our hands-on unboxing of the

 awesome ROG Phone 3. the upgraded AeroActive Cooler delivers more airflow [Music] next up is the newly designed Aerocase [Music] ROG Phone 3 is a complete package with ROG stickers [Music] the ROG hyper charge adapter a braided USB C cable and an audio dongle all in the box [Music] now it's time to meet ROG Phone 3 the world's most powerful gaming smartphone check out the new Airtrigger 3 enhanced Gamecool 3 cooling system and triple cameras it's time to start our journey when you first turn the phone on you'll be invited to join a mission with the infamous rog character Horseman he'll take you into the world of ROG to crush that mission [Music] [Music] it has a 144 Hz screen with lots of refresh rate settings newly enhanced X Mode boosts system performance on the back you'll find iconic rog logo of Aura RGB lighting tulip with the Aero case AeroActive Cooler 3 with new kickstand design [Music] sit back relax and enjoy the power of the mighty ROG Phone 3. hello there i'm Brett and today I'm here to introduce you to the latest portable monitor from ROG the Strix XG16 I play a lot of mobile games and enjoy watching videos on my phone watching on a phone is alright but a bigger screen is definitely better the ROG Strix XG16 is perfect if you're looking for a monitor to use while on the go the slim 15.6 inch portable 1080p display has up to 144 Hz refresh rate and built-in battery it gives you exceptional visuals so it's perfect for gaming watching movies or anything else on-screen colors are bright and vivid and you get a wide viewing angles thanks to the ips display dual front-facing speakers deliver exceptional audio for its size XG16 has numerous design touches here's the ROG logo which lights up when in use the XG16 has the same minimalist inspired design as its predecessor the ROG Strix XG17 and builds on that with some innovative features there's a hidden kickstand at the rear of the display and once you set it up you'll see a cool cyber text motif at the back it holds the display securely in place keeping it stable even on a smooth surface the kickstand can be opened to angles of up to 70 degrees allowing the XG16 to be used in portraits or landscape orientation so perfect for any scenario and like its predecessor it features a tripod stand that holds the monitor above a laptop display there are two usb type-c ports and one micro HDMI port having both hdmi and USB type-c is great since it allows you to connect XG16 to various devices you can play directly from the phone by simply connecting via type-c cable by using the ROG Phone docking you can connect the XG16 by HDMI port enjoying more accurate control via the connected keyboard and mouse it also has a built-in 7800 milliamp per hour battery so you don't have to connect the display to a power source for short play sessions well for three hours not too short anyway and

 if you're almost out of battery in the middle of a game the additional USB type-c port allows you to charge the XG16 while playing if you're using the XG16 with a pc or laptop the type c connection delivers both signal output and power the lightweight ROG Strix XG16 has a relatively long battery life great visuals and a convenient kickstand it's perfect if you're always on the go and on the lookout for a secondary screen for your laptop or a larger screen for your phone it's all for me today until next time thanks for watching what's up gamers this is Ben from ROG today I'm glad to present our new 65% wireless mechanical keyboard the ROG Falchion equipped with Cherry MX RGB switches the ROG Falchion comes with a clean and neat 65%-form-factor design with dedicated arrow keys and function keys for productivity the Falchion is loaded with the new ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps providing great durability that reduces surface wear and also features better clicks and stability this translucent cover case is just like a sheath for ROG Falchion protects the keycaps while you are on the go also you can place the cover under the keyboard as a case providing a different fuzzy lighting effect the ROG Falchion features gaming-grade RF 2.4 GHz connectivity with almost no latency it can also stay up to 400 hours of continuous battery life the Falchion also supports wireless Aura sync providing you an epic lighting experience the keyboard features an interactive touch panel providing a real-time control possibilities such as volume adjustments macros or even shortcuts the RGB LEDs built inside also work as a smart battery indicator the ROG Falshion is not just an ordinary compact keyboard but a combination of intricate and innovative engineering if you love a minimalistic setup the ROG Falchion is the perfect keyboard for you thanks for watching and stay tuned [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] 

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